About Us

Earth Water Group has been formed to address key issues facing the world today – Infrastructure Development, Quality of Water, Water Conservation and Environmental Protection. With decreasing water quality & rising cost of fresh water, the Group strives to provide technological and business innovation in the area of water management to bridge the gap between supply and demand of water. Armed with a rich technical capability and a proven track record, the Group is a market leader and innovator in most of its activities.

To integrate it all, we are into the business of Water and Waste water management, water components, engineering consultancy knowledge and marketing solution provider. We know our business well and so we are one of the most respected groups in the domain. We are a vibrant group thriving towards excellence in all the fields we indulge and meet the expectation of our shareholders as well as stakeholders.

Our Vision

  • » To be a leader in its chosen field.
  • » To become a respected & an admired group.
  • » To ensure profitable growth.
  • » To meet and exceed customer expectation.
  • » To provide an environment conducive to employee development.
  • » To be socially responsible.